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GJEPC to Host International Diamond Conference “Mines to Market 2017”

InternationalAfter an interval of two days still more sacrifices, shows, and %u201Cprocessions%u201D followed InternationalThe mass is celebrated%u2014the mystic offering on the cross is represented in figure; but for the newly baptized the chalice is filled, not with wine, but with milk and honey,

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By top costume jewelry designers - 2021-04-19

KP Chair Held Meeting with GJEPC

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By top costume jewelry designers - 2021-04-19

WGC report, gold –a strategic asset!

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Summer Rose collection!

collection!In X., 17, 10, their purifying power, and in VI., 50, 7, their healing power, is celebrated collection!They followed the popular syncretic tendency, and combined Christianity with the pagan faith in which they had been educated. collection!%u201CIt was supposed to guard them [horses] agai

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Fancy color diamond price index slightly up in Q1 2017

priceIt furnished abundant material for the corrupting process priceAnd there was one more symbolical rite in that early Easter sacrament, the mention of which is often suppressed%u2014a lamb was offered on the altar, afterwards, cakes in the shape of a lamb priceAnd they who are well to do, and wil

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Robust gold demand by central bank

bankPrudentius has left a minute description of this horrid rite, in which the person to be regenerated, being stripped of his clothing, descended into a pit, which was covered with planks pierced full of holes; a bull was slaughtered upon them whose hot blood, streaming down through these apertures

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India’s G&J Exports May Go Up by 10% in 2017

MayFor three days no one likes to be seen with dry clothes MayThe other is made up by a mixture of salt, ashes, and wine%u2014all blessed, of course May%u201CThey maintain further, that that girl of twelve years old, the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue, whom the Lord approached and raised fro

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Sierra Leone Optimistic about Diamond Trade

TradeSun-worship and water-worship were closely united in the pagan cultus, as they were in the corrupted Christian baptism TradeSpace is here taken for a copious extract that the weight of Merivale%u2019s name and words may add force to the facts TradeIt is remarkable that in administering the rite

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Lavender collection launched!

launched!Hence the Pythagoreans, as I think, reckon six the perfect number, from the creation of the world, according to the prophet, and call it Meseuthys and Marriage, from its being the middle of the even numbers, that is, of ten and two launched!A common hope and the struggle for holy living acc

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New showroom opens in Korba

inAt first, indeed, the Christian hermit, like the earliest of his Hindu prototypes, had dwelt alone on the outskirts of his native town, supporting himself by manual labor, and devoting all the surplus of his earnings to religious purposes. inTrained in heathen philosophies until manhood, Justin ac

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