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IDMA Welcomes New Ladies Executives

LadiesWater drawn at holy seasons, such as midnight and sunrise, has always been known as %u201Choly water.%u201D Running spring-water gathered on holy Christmas night, while the clock strikes twelve is yet known as heilway, and is believed to be good for certain diseases LadiesAs such they could no

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By should you wear jewelry to an interview - 2021-04-19

3rd DDES concludes with high note!

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By should you wear jewelry to an interview - 2021-04-19

COVID-19: We are in this together!

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Premier to Restart Safe Operations at Mercedes

RestartThe king was at the head of the religious body, and beneath him were augurs and other functionaries of the ceremonies of religion RestartThe Christianity of the third and fourth centuries presents the strongest possible contrast when placed alongside of that which existed during the New Testa

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Per capita India that grew over 30% in 2018

IndiaNor is it without good reason that the seventeenth Psalm is the only one which is given complete in the Book of Kings, because it signifies that kingdom in which we shall have no enemy IndiaBauer, a careful student of gnosticism, gives a description of its mission and methods which shows how it

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A support to artisanal mining!

artisanalSeymore says: artisanalSpeaking on this point, Dr artisanalThe foregoing facts show that the empire was practically prostituted, and given over to the lowest forms of sun-worship during his reign artisanal%u201CWhence we understand that God%u2019s law was anterior even to Moses, and was not

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Tanya & Gehna announces alliance

announcesRenan, speaking of the relation between the religious cultus of the Orient and early Christianity, says: announcesMen who did not have clear and correct views of the Bible could not impart them to others announcesThe Apostolic Constitutions clearly set forth the result of this perversion of

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Celebrate the launch of new jewellery showroom

launchThe most that can be said on this point is, that when the friends of Christ first came to the tomb it was empty launchJacob Grimm (Teutonic Mythology, 4 vols., London, 1883), a most painstaking and scholarly authority, shows that the Christianity of the present century is yet deeply imbued wit

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Strategy Expert Joins JNA Awards 2017 Judging Panel

PanelThe title of chapter iv Panel%u201CGnosis and allegory are essentially allied conceptions; and this affords us a very marked indication of the path which will really lead us to the origin of gnosticism; for we shall find that allegory plays an important part in most of its systems, especially i

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CIBJO Congress opens in Bahrain!

inAfter entering the church the candidate was anointed a second time, in connection with the %u201Cprayer of blessing%u201D and the %u201Ckiss of peace.%u201D This was followed by the service of the communion, which included bread, wine, milk and honey, showing that the Lord%u2019s Supper, as well a

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