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By why evil eye jewelry -2021-04-19

India Removes 1% Tax Collection on Cash Purchase above Rs. 2 lakh

lakhIt is manifestly unjust and unchristian to attempt to thrust out and stigmatize any part of God%u2019s truth as %u201CJewish,%u201D when all of God%u2019s promises and all Bible truths have come to us through the Hebrew nation. lakh%u201COn the subject of his death, I suppose you endeavor to int

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By why evil eye jewelry - 2021-04-19

Newly released FTC Jewelry Guides!

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By why evil eye jewelry - 2021-04-19

Special diamond recoveries from Mothae

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Chinese New Year coins! Perfect Chinese New Year gift!

coins!%u201CThe earliest methods of Christian exegesis were continuations of the methods which were common at the time to both Greek and Gr?co-Jud?an writers coins!Otherwise both the Lord%u2019s Prayer and the Creed were kept as %u201Cmysteries%u201D; the technical name for creed remains to this day

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Bain & AWDC Unveil Diamond Report

ReportIt is so easy for the reader to examine these passages, and to compare them with popular notions and with what is said here, that I shall be content with the following summary of facts touching Sunday observance in the New Testament: ReportPlaced alongside the state-church theory of Rome, the

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Alrosa Seeks Tax Benefit for Diamond Sales in India

TaxThere they secure the services of Brahmans, appointed to the duty, and descending with them into the water are made to repeat certain texts and mutter certain mystic formul?, the meaning of which they are wholly unable to understand TaxSacred wells abound in India, especially in and around the ci

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Nazrana collection unveiled

unveiledPorphyry tells us there was a programme fixed up, that no man should go beyond the περι??αντ?ριον till he had washed his hands; so great a crime was it counted to omit this ceremony, that Timarchides hath related a story of one Asterius, w

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Ethical corporate behavior expected!

expected!No sin was too heinous to be removed, no character too black to be washed clean by its waters expected!George%u2019s day, April 23d, to catch such water for bathing purposes expected!Therefore since God originated Adam uncircumcised, and inobservant of the Sabbath, consequently his offsprin

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Budget Session begins today!

today!%u201CThe public calendars, preserved to this day, continued to note the pagan festivals, side by side with the feasts of the Saviour and his apostles today!These religions had something deeper in them than those of Greece and Rome; they addressed themselves more fully to the religious sentime

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Anglo Defends Streamlining of Operations

ofFestivals became frequent and imposing ofThe rites of exorcism and renunciation were gone through in solemn form, and the rituals survive ofBut they were only bastard children, or at any rate the late misshapen offspring of the lofty religions which once flourished in the East, an un-Persian Mithr

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