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Design Inspirations opens!

opens!Pagan nonsense could scarcely go further, and yet this man wielded a prominent influence in developing the doctrine of Sunday Observance. opens!This chapter may well close with the following quotation from Uhlhorn, which shows how nearly Christianity was ruined through the prevalence of this g

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By charms for jewelry making - 2021-04-19

De Beers Will Flood Snap Lake Mine

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By charms for jewelry making - 2021-04-19

GIA Jammu seminar on gemstones!

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RBI needs a loan recover policy

policyH policyShepherd, purify the full sheep at the beginning of twilight, let the water first sprinkle them, and let the broom made of twigs sweep the ground... policyPorphyry tells us there was a programme fixed up, that no man should go beyond the περι??αντ?ρ

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Affordable Swarnavarsham Diamond Jewellery Launched

JewelleryHe thus became a mediator whose sympathies with his fellow-men on the one hand, and whose merits with the gods on the other fitted him for the mediatorial office of bearing the prayers and wants of mortals to the presence of the gods JewelleryWhen allegorical methods had shorn the Bible of

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Chinese Firm Interested in Gemfields

inYet this supreme god has no image; he is represented by a plain conical stone, to wit, the Linga or symbol of male generative power inFor the inspiration which the water affords is not the whole of that which proceeds from a divine power, but the water itself only prepares us, and purifies our luc

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Social Media Used for Diamond Smuggling in CAR

CARWe ask pardon of the gods, by spitting in the lap, for entertaining some too presumptuous hope or expectation CARMiddleton%u2019s suggestion that men were debarred from the use of holy water as a punishment is sustained by the following from ?schines CARThe magical virtues which Christians came t

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DDE’s Biennial Conference Taking Place in October

ConferenceThe sorrows of his wife, in whom the Holy Ghost miraculously dwelt, were the same ConferenceThe conception of water as a life-producing agent appears prominently in the religion of the Egyptians ConferenceThus, by descending from the high ground of the Apostolic period, from the immediate

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IBJA Wishes 'Select' Hallmarking of Silver

SilverNow, this ceremony is so notoriously and directly transmitted to them from paganism, that their own writers make not the least scruple to own it SilverWhy may we not, then, justly apply to the present people of Rome what was said by the Poet of its old inhabitants, for the use of this very cer

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Festive Collection launched!

launched!%u201C%u2018Then came forth Mary and said: Lord, under what form do baptisms remit sins? I have heard thee saying that the Ministers of Contentions (?ριδα?οι) follow after the soul, bearing witness against it of all the sins that it hath committed, so that

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