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SalesTo the Roman, religion was a part of the civil code SalesUnder His teachings Christianity arose as a new life, springing from the law of God, written in the hearts of men SalesBut now He saith, %u2018Their leaves shall not fade.%u2019 This meaneth that every word which proceedeth out of your mouth in faith and love shall tend to bring conversion and hope to many SalesBut its rites were simple and its teaching was public Salesdum montibus umbr? lustrabunt convexo SalesSo also was the purest stream if it had been a considerable time separated from its source.%u201D

SeesWhat [of the fact] that waters were in some way the regulating powers by which the disposition of the world thenceforward was constituted by God? For the suspension of the celestial firmament in the midst He caused by %u2018dividing the waters%u2019; the suspension of %u2018the dry land,%u2019 He accomplished by %u2018separating the waters.%u2019 After the world had been hereupon set in order through [its] elements, when inhabitants were given it, %u2018the waters%u2019 were the first to receive the precept, %u2018to bring forth living creatures.%u2019 Water was the first to produce that which had life, that it might be no wonder in baptism if waters know how to give life SeesBaronius says: SeesChrysostom is still stronger: %u2018Thou darest not touch the sacred victim with unwashed hands, although pressed by extreme necessity; approach not, therefore, with an unwashed soul.%u2019 To supply the necessary convenience for this rite, a fountain or basin was provided at the church porch at which the faithful washed, as St Sees(a) The latest books of the New Testament, including the Gospel of John, were written about the year ninety-five or later SeesPrescott speaks of the amazement with which the early Spaniards beheld the points of similarity between the customs of the pagan Mexicans and the Roman Catholic Church; he says: SeesThen blowing%u2014sufflans%u2014thrice into the water in the form of the Greek letter Psi, he says: %u2018Impregnate with regenerating efficacy the whole substance of this water%u2019; and so takes the candle out of the font

SeesOne Sovereignty, one Kingdom, one Faith, one Baptism; in the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, in the life everlasting SeesThe other is made up by a mixture of salt, ashes, and wine%u2014all blessed, of course SeesBut the author goes farther, and proves from ancient laws of the Germans, Visigoths, and Anglo-Saxons, that the rite of baptism is to be performed within the ninth day after the birth of the child; and here he calls attention to the ancient Roman custom of giving the name to a female infant on the eighth, and to a male infant on the ninth day after birth, and quotes Roman law to show that this naming day was of legal importance to the child SeesIt is proper to bathe in the Ganges, for those who live near enough; but other rivers may take the place of the Ganges, and legends have been manufactured to show that their virtues are even greater than those of the Ganges; if there is no river convenient, then a tank can be substituted.%u201D SeesMr SeesWhen these things were ended, they gave the child the name of some one of his ancestors, in hope that he might shed a new lustre over it

JewelleryWe have seen that the Greek fathers came to Christianity by way of Neo-Platonism rather than the New Testament JewellerySuch indeed it was JewelleryI came not to destroy, but to fulfil Jewellery(301) %u201C%u2018And when the Saviour had thus spoken, he said to his disciples: Do ye understand in what manner I speak with you? Then came forth Mary saying: Of a truth, Lord, I perceive in reality all the things that thou hast said JewelleryThe pagan doctrine of exorcism was carried still further, and baptism was corrupted yet more by adding the use of human saliva as a %u201Ccharm.%u201D This arose from the general use of spittle by the pagans as a talisman against harm and evil influences JewelleryMr

JewelleryHe who accepted Christ as the Messiah, testified such acceptance by being %u201Cburied with him in baptism.%u201D This was the sign of an inward purity which entitled the believer to a place in the community, and to the fellowship of %u201Cthose who believed.%u201D Jewellery%u201COr take again the swarm of heresies that soon invaded almost every province of the early Church JewelleryAnd [in like manner] the swine, when it has eaten, does not recognize its master; but when hungry it cries out, and on receiving food is quiet again JewelleryJustin Martyr combines his theory with his description of the rite of baptism as follows Jewellery%u201CHermogenes, one of the older heresiarchs, applied the text, %u2018He has placed his tabernacle in the sun,%u2019 to Christ, and asserted that Christ had put off his body in the sun.%u201D JewelleryKing, who is authority on all gnostic questions, says:

JewelleryIt proves that the alliance between Christianity and heathenism existed three hundred years after Christ, and that consequently so far popery and ancient Christianity are identical JewelleryInstead of developing normally, after the simple New Testament model, the Roman church was modelled largely after the Roman empire JewelleryIndeed, its real meaning was not sought; the main effort was to show how it accorded with pagan books, and with the philosophical speculations which were popular JewelleryThe mere fact of birth in one of the famili? forming part of a gens gave admittance to a sacred circle which was closed to all besides JewelleryMr JewelleryEqually dangerous has been the assumption that the Christianity of the third, fourth, and fifth centuries was identical with that of the New Testament, or was a fair representative of it

KeringAnd yet even these aberrations were the expression of a real and deep-seated need of the human mind, which could find no satisfaction in the state religion KeringFor example, the writer to whom the name Simon Magus is given, is said to have %u2018interpreted in whatever way he wished both the writings of Moses and also those of the Greek poets%u2019; and the Ophite writer, Justin, evolves an elaborate cosmogony from a story of Herakles narrated in Herodotus, combined with the story of the Garden of Eden.... KeringSuch expositions were part and parcel of the lawlessness which was the unavoidable fruitage of gnosticism KeringLiberius, St KeringThe expectations and purposes of Roman Catholicism all point towards such a result. KeringThen they are brought by us where there is water, and are regenerated in the same manner in which we were ourselves regenerated

SalesA New Epoch in the Paganizing of Christianity%u2014Paganism Seeking a New God, Strong enough to Save the Empire%u2014Constantine not a %u201CChristian Emperor,%u201D but Superstitious, Time-Serving, and Ambitious%u2014Murdering his Kindred while Promoting Christianity as a rising Political Influence%u2014Seeking Christianity mainly for Ambitious Ends%u2014Professing Christianity only on his Death-Bed%u2014Making the Most of Both Worlds%u2014Constantine Corrupted and Perverted Christianity More than he Aided it. SalesThe definite and systematic manner in which the corrupting process was carried forward is clearly seen by the preparatory steps which opened the way for paganism to thrust the sun%u2019s day upon Christianity SalesThe rites of exorcism and renunciation were gone through in solemn form, and the rituals survive SalesWriting of the first three centuries after Christ, Max Müller says: SalesLet the water be drawn into the font, or flowing into it SalesGod%u2019s universal law, enunciated by Christ, is: %u201CBy their fruits ye shall know them.%u201D

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